Friday, September 24, 2010

Baskets From Junior's Farm at Anderson Orchard Autumn Apple Festival (Sept. 25-26, 2010)

Baskets From Junior's Farm graciously donated the prize baskets given away at the library's booth at this year's Old Settlers Festival & Picnic in August. They have a wide range of custom-made, handwoven baskets from which to choose. Check out some of these baskets on Facebook

On Saturday and Sunday, September 25-26, 2010, Baskets From Junior's Farm will have a booth at Anderson Orchard's autumn apple festival. Anderson's is situated along Greencastle Road just a few miles west of Mooresville, Indiana. Stop by if you're in the neighborhood. Around these parts, the fall festivals are wondrous and delightful.

(Photos © 2010 by Samantha M. Buckley. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted by Permission.)

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