Monday, September 13, 2010

Indiana Ghost Stories

Local groceries are already stocking Halloween candy, reminding us that October is fast approaching. If you like ghost stories, Indiana has its share of haunted tales amongst its facts and folklore.

Indiana author Karl C. B. Muilliwey has encountered his share of Hoosier ghosts over the past 20 years. Our book trailer below provides a summary of Haunting at Sycamore Lake, one of his books on the paranormal. Another of our blogs, MPL Readers' Advisory, serialized this book in earlier articles. To read the serialization, click this hyperlink and type sycamore lake in the Blogger search line (upper left-hand corner of the screen). This will retrieve only those blog articles discussing the book.

There are basically three types of ghost scenarios: (1) phantasms of the dead; (2) phantasms of the living (sometimes associated with astral projection, or out-of-body experiences [OBEs]); and (3) "things that go bump in the night" (poltergeists). In our YouTube Channel paranormal playlist, we have featured several books on these subjects. Check them out at our YouTube Channel (click the arrows on the right and left sides of the screen below to navigate among the various videos available on the playlist).

One of the "living phantasm" variety of Hoosier ghost tales was related in The Phenomena of Astral Projection, by Sylvan Muldoon and Hereward Carrington (London: Rider & Co., 1951), pp. 186-187. We reproduce the episode from the book below.] If the images below are too small, right-click them and save them to your desktop. Then use a photo viewer or photo editing software to see them at full-scanned size. (If that doesn't work, email to request copies emailed to you.)

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