Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Imperceptible, by the Class of 2012, Mooresville (Indiana) High School

Imperceptible is the latest writing project spearheaded by Sharon Eickhoff, honors English teacher at Mooresville High School (Mooresville, Indiana). Ms. Eickhoff directed students from the MHS Class of 2012 to uncover people, places, or events that might be overlooked in the race through our daily lives. Students explored these stories waiting to be told, and they tell them concisely and effectively. These historical and contemporary snapshots of life in Mooresville, Indiana and surrounding communities reveal much about the fullness of living here. Beneath the dust of time and the rush to earn our daily bread, these stories demonstrate the character that defines small town America. Good, decent, hardworking people have interesting tales to tell, if we but listen. What may be imperceptible to those who hurry past provide rich textures to others who truly see. Our book trailer below reflects this theme:

Congratulations to Ms. Eickhoff and her students from the MHS Class of 2012 who have researched and written a fine contribution to the local history, folklore, and observation of contemporary human experience in this 186-year-old town.

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