Thursday, January 6, 2011

MERLIN Magnifying Reader Machine Available

2015 UPDATE:  The MERLIN magnifying reader machine is now located across from the adult information desk, next to the adult reference shelves.

At the MPL Circulation Desk, there is a Microsoft-PowerPoint slideshow continuously running called Town Crier, which alerts patrons to upcoming library events, programs, services, and other activities or items of interest. There are four slide categories, designed by Suzanne Walker, MPL Youth Services Librarian: Patron Connect, Book Connect, History Connect, and Event Connect.

One slide (at top) advises that the library's Indiana Room offers a MERLIN magnifying reader machine for patrons who need to enlarge what they are looking at. The magnifier enlarges anything that is placed on the scanning platform--print materials or other physical objects--and projects the larger image onto the screen. The picture below gives a clearer illustration:

MERLIN is available thanks to a generous donation from the Mooresville (Indiana) Lions Club in March, 2005. The magnifier is a wonderful tool for anyone researching difficult-to-read documents, fine print, or obscure details.

If you are interested in using MERLIN, please visit the MPL Indiana Room, or check with the MPL Information or Circulation Desks.

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