Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pioneer Cat, by William H. Hooks & Charles Robinson (Illustrator)

Speaking of pioneers, as we are about to, our book trailer for Pioneer Cat (below) features an instrumental version of the folk song Old Settlers, music written by Daniel E. Buckley, MPL composer.

Pioneer Cat, written by William H. Hooks and illustrated by Charles Robinson (Random House Books for Young Readers, 64 pages, 1988) (ISBN 039482038X), is a children's book in the Stepping Stone Series.

Nine-year-old Kate Purdy and her family leave St. Joseph, Missouri, bound for the Oregon Trail and westward migration. Kate finds a cat and decides to keep her. So the cat and her kittens become stowaways, for whom Kate and her new friend, Rosie, must secretly care. Along the journey, Kate and her new friends, both feline and human, and her family (as well as the other families traveling together) must overcome a staggering array of obstacles, hardships, setbacks, and surprises. The pioneers must learn to interact with Native Americans, in addition to wild animals and nature's most rugged, rigorous landscapes. It is truly an adventure like no other, and young readers will enjoy taking the trip vicariously with Kate and her companions.

School Library Journal recommends the book for readers ages 9-12, while Publisher's Weekly gauges the audience to be ages 8-10.

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