Monday, September 5, 2011

It Has Been a Great Four Years

A few days ago, this blog's readership passed 10,000 viewings.  Thanks to everybody who has made that milestone possible.  We appreciate your interest in what the Indiana Room at Mooresville Public Library (MPL) has to say.

On a personal note, yesterday marked my fourth anniversary working at MPL.  It has been a wonderful four years.  I've enjoyed it.  I hope we have served you well and will continue to do so.

I'd offer cake, but it would be of the cyber variety, which is rather dry and hard to swallow without a nice cool beverage.  Speaking of which, I'm off in search of refreshments.  Got any change for our vending machines?  All proceeds support library programs, which is a sweet deal all around.

Thanks for Following My Blog,

Bill Buckley
MPL Indiana Room Historian

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