Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Flat" Dovydas on Video

"Flat" Dovydas Balčiūnas, our visitor from Vincas Grybas Gymnasium, in Lukšiai, Lithuania, has been enjoying his time visiting the Library and attending the Victorian Christmas celebration yesterday in downtown Mooresville, Indiana.

Like "Flat" Stanley of literary fame, "Flat" Dovydas travels the world in an envelope through the mails.  It is an exciting and imaginative way to see the world, and to have the world see you.

My library colleagues like to make videos for the MPL YouTube Channel, and so we decided that "Flat" Dovydas needed a video, or "promo trailer" as we call it.  (We also call them "program trailers" when they promote a library program.  We've got all kinds of names for our videos!)

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