Monday, January 9, 2012

Redemption After the "War to End All Wars"

Opposites may attract in electro-magnetism and certain other physics phenomena, but like attracts like in the world of wandering souls.  Such is the premise of the novel The Keeper of the Bees, by Gene Stratton-Porter.  It is a story of crushed spirits (courtesy of the atrocities of World War I, for the main character) in search of healing and redemption.

This was Hoosier author Stratton-Porter's final novel, which was published posthumously in 1925. Stratton-Porter (1863-1924) probably wasn't expecting this to be her last published work, but it is a fine example of her naturalist writing, with plenty of her moral and ethical perspective infused in the text to satisfy fans. It is a magnificently crafted, superbly written tale of the restorative powers of the human spirit. Once again, her descriptive capabilities, which were typical of her other novels, were the distinctive feature of the story and were unsurpassed here.

Do we have the title available in our online Evergreen Indiana catalog? Naturally. (Get it? Stratton-Porter was a naturalist, so, naturally . . .)

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