Thursday, February 5, 2015

Digitized Mooresville High School Vintage Yearbooks

Thanks to the Mooresville High School Alumni Association, we now have digitized copies of vintage Mooresville High School (MHS) yearbooks available online. Click the image below to visit our local history web page to find links to the yearbooks.

MHS Digitized Yearbooks Available Online

If your family hails from around these parts, maybe you'll see your great-grandparents (or other relatives) in these photos.

Early MHS yearbooks were not called Wagon Trails, as they have been known since 1946. Titles included Senior Annual (1909), 'Levenite (1911), The Argos (1914), The '17 Packet (1917), The Cauldron (1920), White Lick Review (1923, 1925), and Arch Wisdom (1930).

Many thanks to the MHS Alumni Association for preserving these invaluable historical resources.

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