Thursday, February 5, 2015

Know Your Celebrity Mooresvillians

How well do you know your celebrity Mooresvillians?  Our website offers sketches of several famous folks who hailed from Mooresville, Indiana or vicinity.  All were Morgan County residents at some time during their lives--many grew up here but left as young adults, but several spent much of their adulthoods here--before they became household names (for the biggest celebrities among them), or at least well known in the Hoosier state. Click the image below to learn more.

Do You Recognize These Famous Mooresvillians?
(Click Photos to Find Out)

Surprised that prominent persons came from our tiny town?  Mooresville is 191 years old (founded in 1824), so one would expect some denizens to hit the big time over the course of nearly two centuries.  If you ask around, you'll probably find current inhabitants who are related to some of these luminaries.  One still lives in Morgan County--you may have seen him at veterans' events or other public appearances.

If you're from here (or live here currently), you now have some great names to drop at the next party you attend.  It would probably sound something like this:

"Hi, I'm Bill, from Mooresville, Indiana."


"It's the town where ____________________ (fill-in celebrity Mooresvillian of choice) lived."

"Really?  Do tell."

In case they think you're making it up, direct them to this blog post.  I settle a lot of arguments about historical details such as these.

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