Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"Old" Town Park

We happened across some photographs of "old" Town Park, which we thought you might enjoy. Click the images to enlarge them.

"Old" Town Park (looking west) (circa 1909) (photo by J. P. Calvert)

 "Old" Town Park (looking southwest) (circa 1885) (photo by J. P. Calvert)

Old Settlers Picnic (August 1885) at "Old" Town Park
(looking south) (photo by J. P. Calvert)

In 1877 town founder Samuel Moore donated land along the east end of South Street (adjacent to the east fork of White Lick Creek) to the citizens of Mooresville, Indiana to be used as a town park.  The annual Old Settlers picnic was held there until 1995.

In the top photo (ca. 1909, above), you can see the east end of South Street.  The road going to the right intersected East High Street.  Heading toward the right (in the photo), you would enter Mooresville; going to the left, you would encounter the Waverly Road. Today you may see the boy scout pioneer cabin (constructed ca. 1932) atop the hill among the trees.

Boy Scout Cabin (single-pin log construction) (ca. 1932)
(2009 photo by the blog author)

The middle photo (ca. 1885, above) was looking southwest across "old" Town Park from the hill approximately where the scout cabin stands today.  The Waverly Road appears to the left.

The bottom photo (August 1885) shows local citizens attending the annual Old Settlers picnic at "old" Town Park.

To learn more about the history of the Old Settlers picnic, click here.

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