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Morgan County (and Other Hoosier) Bridge Histories

Dr. James L. Cooper, professor emeritus of history at DePauw University, has a historical bridges database available online.  Click the links below to find information about Morgan County (and other Indiana) bridges.

We also have two computer CDs with bridge photos to accompany the database information. They are available to checkout in our Evergreen Indiana catalog.

Dr. Cooper has published books recounting the history of Hoosier bridges.  These are available to checkout in our Evergreen Indiana catalog.

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On February 22, 1922 (that's 2/22/22, at least in the U.S.), Mooresville High School students celebrated a basketball victory over Monrovia (24 points to 22 points) around the "silent policeman" stand in the middle of the intersection of Main and Indiana Streets in downtown Mooresville, Indiana.

Note the horse carriage and the automobile, which were parked in separate areas "reserved" for horse-drawn vehicles (on North Indiana St.) and motor vehicles (on East Main St.) The I.O.O.F. building is in the background, where today stands Paul Hadley mini-park.

Note, too, that the "silent policeman" has been positioned incorrectly--it should have been turned 180 degrees to correctly designate directions to the cities listed. (The stand could be moved. This was a popular prank among high schoolers from neighboring communities. They would steal the "silent policeman" and haul it away somewhere, and Mooresville police would have to bring it back.)

Fall Creek Furniture Company (ca. 1901-1930)

Undated photo of Fall Creek Furniture Company (probably circa 1925-1930)(photographer unknown)
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Fall Creek Furniture Company
(photo before 1930 provided by Mrs. Kenneth Fields).

Fall Creek Furniture Company (circa 1901-1930) at one time employed 500 people, many of whom took the interurban railway from Indianapolis (or surrounding communities) to work at the factory, which was located along old state road 67 near Bridge Street in Mooresville, Indiana. This was later the site of Automotive Armature (1944-1993). Our online handout has more information about the history of the furniture factory.