Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Norma Tapp (1929-2016)

Norma Tapp (1929-2016), a longtime Mooresville educator and library volunteer, passed away earlier this week.  Her obituary appeared in today's edition of the Mooresville-Decatur Times.  It also appeared on the Carlisle-Branson Funeral Service website.

Norma Tapp Obituary
Mooresville-Decatur Times
Wednesday, December 21, 2016 (Page A-2)
(Click Image Above to Enlarge)

One of Mrs. Tapp's many contributions to Mooresville Public Library was her compilation of newspaper articles about John Dillinger, who grew up in Mooresville.  It is our most popular Dillinger resource, although it is a reference item and does not circulate outside the library. (Learn more about this binder from our Evergreen Indiana catalog.)

I met Mrs. Tapp a few years ago while visiting my father-in-law at a senior living center in town.  She was a warm, friendly, charming person who was interested in discussing many subjects, including local history and library activities.

Many long-time residents will remember Mrs. Tapp as a teacher and friend. She made a lasting contribution to our community, making Mooresville a better place in which to live and grow up.  If you knew Mrs. Tapp and would like to share a memory or leave other comments, please visit the Carlisle-Branson Funeral Service website's celebration wall.

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