Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Samuel, Meet Samuel

Recently, our Library's Youth Services Department conducted our annual chick hatching experiment, about which you may have read in our hatching chicks blog.  A record number of chicks hatched this year, and each hatchling received its own special name.  One chick was called Samuel, after Samuel Moore, the founder of Mooresville, Indiana.  (You may read more about founder Samuel in past postings on this blog.  Use the search line in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.)

Recently, Suzanne Walker, M.L.S., MPL Youth Services Librarian and Head of the YS Department, posted an update about Samuel (the chick).  In one of the photos, Samuel (again, the chick) held himself with great dignity and self-assurance.  Along with the white feathers under his chin and on his chest, the picture reminded me of Samuel Moore's photograph in our Indiana Room Collection, in terms of posture and dignified manner.  Compare for yourself.

Samuel (the founder) had a sense of humor, despite the seriousness of his expression in the photograph, so I think he would have been amused at the similarities with Samuel (the chick).  

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