Saturday, July 30, 2011

What Do You Geek?

The Indiana State Library (ISL) has launched a Hoosier version of the promotional campaign.  Visit the ISL website for lots more information, and click to enlarge the image below.

Mooresville Public Library is participating in the excitement, as our promo trailer suggests.

You can get your geek on at MPL.  There is much to geek at libraries.  I geek local history, among other things.  What do you geek?  Let us know.

It Could Be You

Here is yet another reason to visit Mooresville Public Library's booth in the Community Organizations Tent at this year's Old Settlers Picnic and Festival (at Pioneer Park, Mooresville, Indiana) on August 7-9, 2011.  You could win this grand prize, if you sign-up there.

Win This Authentic Buggy Basket
(Includes Vehicle Items Shown--Click to Enlarge)
Sign-Up at the MPL Booth
at the Old Settlers Celebration
August 7-9, 2011

Sorry, but MPL employees, trustees, and their families are not eligible to participate.

Since signing up is free ("no purchase necessary"), then you should try your luck.  Somebody has to win; why not you?