Saturday, February 20, 2016

Celebrate Mooresville's Heritage Program #1: Samuel Moore, Town Founder

This afternoon (Saturday, February 20, 2016) we held our first Celebrate Mooresville's Heritage program, featuring town founder Samuel Moore.  Below are some photos from today's event.  We also have digitized handouts distributed at the program (click the following links):
There is more information about Samuel and Eliza Moore available on our local history web page.  Just scroll down until you see the Moores' section.

At the program we featured a dramatic portrayal of Samuel Moore addressing the Old Settlers Picnic in August, 1885.

"Narration" of Samuel Moore at the Old Settlers Picnic (August, 1885)
(Dramatic Reenactment)

There was cake, sherbet punch, souvenirs, and everything!  Click the photos to enlarge.

Thanks to everybody who attended!  Hope you got some cake and punch!  It was delicious.