Monday, August 30, 2010

Mary Ida Fogleman (Mooresville Moments Series)

This reprint of Mooresville Moments (April 21 & 28, 1999) paints a personal portrait of Mary Ida Fogleman, granddaughter of Eliza and Samuel Moore, founder of Mooresville, Indiana.  Click the articles (below) to enlarge.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mooresville, IN Milestones (Mooresville Moments Series)

Today's reprint of Mooresville Moments (July 7, 1999) reflects upon the many milestones the residents of Mooresville, Indiana and vicinity have witnessed since the town's founding in 1824.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Methodist Church Bell Fondly Remembered (Mooresville Moments Series)

Wanda Potts, historian and former Indiana Room Librarian at Mooresville Public Library (1966-2002), wrote a newspaper article (April 14, 1999) as part of her Mooresville Moments column commemorating the Methodist Church bell in its old building at the corner of South Indiana and Harrison Streets in downtown Mooresville, Indiana.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

MPL Video: "Put Your Nose in a Book"

Mooresville Public Library (Mooresville, Indiana) presents a new video entitled "Put Your Nose in a Book." We welcome your comments and feedback and hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

MPL Composer Facebook Launch

Danny Buckley, volunteer composer for Mooresville Public Library (Mooresville, Indiana), has launched a new Facebook page, which includes audio files of his original compositions (to which you can listen and share, free-of-charge), as well as additional information.  He is available to compose original music for hire.

Danny is a 2010 graduate of Millikin University (Decatur, Illinois) and holds a B.A. in Music Business.

If you have enjoyed any of our 90-plus videos and book trailers posted to the library's YouTube Channel, the thanks should go to Danny. His original musical compositions, drawn from over a half-dozen CDs of his music, bring our videos to life. We could not have done this work without his invaluable assistance.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mooresville Railroad History (Mooresville Moments Series)

Today's reprise of Mooresville Moments (May 19; June 2, 9, 16; July 7, 1999) presents articles about railroad service to Mooresville, Indiana and surrounding Morgan County communities.  Click the articles (below) to enlarge.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Scout Cabin (Mooresville Moments Series)

Wanda Potts, retired MPL Indiana Room Librarian and town historian, related the history of the scout cabin at Old Town Park, in Mooresville, Indiana, in one of her Mooresville Moments newspaper columns (August 11, 1999) (click article image below to enlarge).

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"The Old Bell," by Sarah C. K. Marine (Mooresville Moments Series)

In today's reprint of Mooresville Moments (September 22, 1999), we read "The Old Bell," Sarah C. K. Marine's tribute to Samuel Moore, founder of Mooresville, Indiana.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Sarah C. K. Marine, Earliest Author From Mooresville, IN (Mooresville Moments Series)

Sarah C. K. Marine was the earliest published author from Mooresville, Indiana. This installment of Mooresville Moments (September 15, 1999), written and edited by retired MPL Indiana Room Librarian and local historian Wanda Potts, examines Marine's legacy.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

MPL Old Settlers Festival Booth (Aug. 8-10, 2010)

At this year's Old Settlers Picnic & Fair (Aug. 8-10, 2010), Mooresville Public Library (Mooresville, Indiana) distributed 230 book bags filled with informational materials. Approximately 275 attendees visited the library's booth, and many commented that the library's Old Settlers parade float was one of the best (perhaps the best) entered.

The library also conducted four giveaway contests for which festival attendees signed up while visiting the library's booth. These were:
  • Authentic, homemade Old Settlers picnic and snack reed baskets (donated courtesy of Baskets From Junior's Farm), for which 236 fair visitors vied; and
  • Book and Music CD packets for young adults, children, and babies (courtesy of the MPL Youth Services Department and acquired through the Cook Endowment).
One Old Settlers picnic basket and five snack baskets were awarded to the lucky winners.

Authentic Old Settlers Picnic Basket

One of three Old Settlers Snack Baskets (handle style)

One of two Old Settlers Snack Baskets (no handle style)

MPL staffers Diane Huerkamp, Bob Gilliland, Shirley Martin, Meghan Adams, and Bill Buckley, along with volunteer Janet Buckley, ran the library booth during the fair.

Our thanks to Baskets From Junior's Farm for donation of the baskets (logo below designed by local artist Brian Mills).

MPL Float, "Thinking Outside the Book," in 2010 Old Settlers Parade

It has been many years since Mooresville Public Library entered a float in the annual Old Settlers Parade, which was held this year on Sunday, August 8, 2010 immediately prior to the opening of the Old Settlers Fair & Picnic (Aug. 8-10, 2010) held at Pioneer Park. The library's float was entitled Thinking Outside the Book, and it featured a central display of an opened book with CD-ROMs, music, and a computer keyboard and monitor (complete with human operator). In the pickup truck pulling the float, there was a nostalgic image of libraries--a person reading a book in a rocking chair--which was followed, of course, by the float and its "outside the book" motif.

The float design team was spearheaded by Beth Hensley, MPL display and decoration designer, and Bill Cornwell, MPL construction supervisor emeritus. The float assembly crew consisted of various library staff and volunteers, including (alphabetically): Meghan Adams, Lori Becker, Bill Buckley, Bill and Sherry Cornwell, Beth Hensley, Kathleen Holling, Diane Huerkamp, Virginia Jensen, Sally Knitter, Shirley and Ron Martin, Donna Miller, and Judy and Taylor Morehouse. Ron Martin drove the truck in the parade; Diane Huerkamp and Lori Becker were "living bookends" marching in front of the float; Kathleen Holling was the "rocking chair reader"; and Virginia, Anastacia, and Luke Jensen joined several assembly teammates to toss out candy to children along the parade route. Volunteer Sherry Cornwell and MPL staffers Jaymi Edwards and Bill Buckley photographed the float.

Pictures 1-13: Assembling the Float (photographs by Sherry Cornwell)

Pictures 14-22: 2010 Old Settlers Parade: MPL Float, "Thinking Outside the Book" (photographs by Jaymi Edwards & Bill Buckley)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Samuel & Eliza Moore (Mooresville Moments Series)

Mooresville Moments (1999), written and edited by Wanda Potts, retired MPL Indiana Room librarian and town historian, recounted the history of Mooresville, Indiana, for the 175th anniversary of the town's founding in 1824. These newspaper columns discuss Samuel Moore, town founder, and his wife, Eliza Moore, and their granddaughter, Mary Ida Fogleman.  Click the images below to enlarge.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Restaurant History in Mooresville, IN (Mooresville Moments Series)

Today's Mooresville Moments (December 15, 1999) reprint examines some of the restaurants that have conducted business in Mooresville, Indiana during the town's history.

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