Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sign of the Times

Construction of the library's new outdoor LED sign is underway.  Soon you will be able to keep abreast of library programs, events, and information.  The new sign will have much higher resolution and detail than our old one, which met with an unfortunate accident last December.

Click the photos below to enlarge.

August 2015:  Preparing the Foundation 

 Early September 2015:  Sign Frame and Bricks Ready to Go

 Early September 2015:  Sign Frame

 September 14, 2015:  Sign is Up!

  September 14, 2015:  Fine-Tuning the Sign Fixtures

 September 14, 2015:  Bricklaying Soon!

September 14, 2015:  Ready for Electrical Work

September 15, 2015:  Electrical Work Underway

September 15, 2015:  Lots of Wires to Connect

September 15, 2015:  Connecting Those Wires

September 15, 2015:  Still Connecting

September 15, 2015:  "Red & Black, Power Lack;
Green & White, Power Right."  Something Like That

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