Thursday, April 15, 2010

True Hoosier Ghost Stories: Haunting at Sycamore Lake and Shelf Doll, by Karl C. B. Muilliwey

Ordinarily, I devote this blog to historical descriptions of Mooresville and the surrounding portions of Morgan County, Indiana, but, as today is a special family day, I would like to feature a book trailer discussing an eastern Indiana haunting. Details are presented in another blog.

Our YouTube book trailer video appears below:

2011 UPDATE:  Karl Muilliwey, the author of Haunting at Sycamore Lake, has written a second real-life paranormal book.  Watch our book trailer below for details.

If you like real-life ghost stories, you should enjoy these.  A digital edition of the serialized version of Haunting at Sycamore Lake is available in our Evergreen Indiana online catalog.  Just click the hyperlinks in the item record (under "online resources").

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