Thursday, August 1, 2019

Walking With Dillinger

Mooresville Public Library has a self-guided walking tour (you could drive instead) to see John Dillinger-related points-of-interest around town.  These include:
  • The Dillinger family farm, not too far from Paul Hadley Middle School;
  • John Dillinger's botched holdup attempt of Frank Morgan, which landed Dillinger in prison in 1924;
  • The building that once housed a basement tavern, where John Dillinger fled immediately following his attempted robbery of Frank Morgan;
  • Harvey Funeral Home, where John Dillinger's remains were prepared for burial; and
  • Mooresville's Town Baseball Park, where John Dillinger played semi-professional baseball on the local team, the Walkovers.
Paper copies of this self-guided walking tour are available in the library's Indiana Room, as well as from the display in the library's media alcove (click images below to enlarge).

We also have a couple of videos:

John Dillinger's Funeral
(Mooresville Moments #17)
(Click Above to Play Video)

John Dillinger's Hometown Holdup
(Mooresville Moments #7)
(Click Above to Play Video)

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