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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Thanks a Million!

The MPL YouTube Channel reached a million views this morning.

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Thanks for watching!  You've helped us reach our goal.  Next stop--two million!

We hope you've enjoyed our videos during the past seven years.  If you haven't yet watched, we might have something to interest you.  We have book trailers, promo/program trailers, music videos, children's readalouds, children's songs, nursery rhymes, video blogs (vblogs), book reviews, early literacy videos, local history videos, and more.  Over 750 videos uploaded thus far, with plenty more to come.  There's always something interesting happening at the library, and videos are a fun way to learn more about it all.  Browse our video playlists to see what's available.

Many thanks to all of our current and former staff who helped make our videos: Suzanne Walker, Michelle Peltier, Casey O'Leary, Jaymi Edwards Guy, Rachel Montgomery, Meghan Adams, Kate Meador, Sandra Osborn, Janet Buckley (a volunteer, not staff), Cauli Le Chat, and everyone who has appeared in our videos. Thanks, too, to our executive director, Diane Huerkamp, and the library board of trustees for supporting our efforts.  We especially appreciate the original music composed by Daniel E. Buckley that we use for our video soundtracks.

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