Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Have DVD, Will Travel

Evergreen Indiana, our catalog consortium, is conducting a pilot program in which many participating E.I. libraries are allowing DVDs to transit to patrons at other E.I. libraries.  In the past, patrons had to visit the E.I. library that had a particular DVD to check it out.  Now, you may place holds on DVDs held at other E.I. libraries (at least those participating in the pilot), and the DVDs will be sent to you at your home E.I. library (i.e., the one whose name appears on your E.I. library card).  It works just like other items that transit (e.g., books, audiobooks, etc.)  Our promo trailer explains.

Evergreen Indiana DVD Transit Promo Trailer,
by Mooresville Public Library

Find a DVD you'd like to watch at our library, and, if you have an E.I. card, place a hold on it, and if it's one of our "transiting" DVDs, it will come to you!  May I make a viewing suggestion?

The Worst Movie Ever Made
(Made Funny by Rifftrax)

Rifftrax makes fun of bad movies.  There are plenty of laughs here, especially since Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966) has been voted the "worst movie ever made."  Click the MANOS image above to go to our Evergreen Indiana catalog to place your hold. This is one of our transiting DVDs, so you'll be good to go.  If you're really interested in the film, we have a behind-the-scenes book (and a novelization) in our catalog, also available to checkout.  We have several other Rifftrax DVDs, as well as its predecessor, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (all will transit, by the way).

Place your DVD holds now!  Have DVD, will travel--that's our motto.

P.S.  Readers my age may recognize that I based the title to this blog post on the television series, Have Gun -- Will Travel (1957-1963), starring Richard Boone as Paladin. Here's the series' theme song, "The Ballad of Paladin," sung by Johnny Western.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Thanks a Million!

The MPL YouTube Channel reached a million views this morning.

Click Images to Enlarge

Thanks for watching!  You've helped us reach our goal.  Next stop--two million!

We hope you've enjoyed our videos during the past seven years.  If you haven't yet watched, we might have something to interest you.  We have book trailers, promo/program trailers, music videos, children's readalouds, children's songs, nursery rhymes, video blogs (vblogs), book reviews, early literacy videos, local history videos, and more.  Over 750 videos uploaded thus far, with plenty more to come.  There's always something interesting happening at the library, and videos are a fun way to learn more about it all.  Browse our video playlists to see what's available.

Many thanks to all of our current and former staff who helped make our videos: Suzanne Walker, Michelle Peltier, Casey O'Leary, Jaymi Edwards Guy, Rachel Montgomery, Meghan Adams, Kate Meador, Sandra Osborn, Janet Buckley (a volunteer, not staff), Cauli Le Chat, and everyone who has appeared in our videos. Thanks, too, to our executive director, Diane Huerkamp, and the library board of trustees for supporting our efforts.  We especially appreciate the original music composed by Daniel E. Buckley that we use for our video soundtracks.

Update (March 25, 2017):  How do we compare to some of the largest public libraries (nationally and in Indiana) for YouTube video popularity? Here's a summary of YouTube statistics for various public libraries with popular YouTube channels [e.g., New York Public Library, Boston Public Library, Los Angeles Public Library, Seattle Public Library, Indianapolis Public Library, Allen County (Indiana) Public Library, and the Indiana State Library, although ISL is not a public library].  All of these libraries serve large populations and have enormous resources and collections.  We serve a population of about 15,000 with around 65,000 items. We're definitely hanging with some impressive company on the video frontier.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Indiana's First Female State Legislator Was a Mooresvillian

Did you know that the first woman to serve in the Indiana General Assembly was born and raised in Mooresville, Indiana?

Julia D. Nelson (née Julietta Reynolds)
First Female in the Hoosier State Legislature

Born in Mooresville on December 11, 1863, Julietta ("Julia") Reynolds attended the Mooresville Academy School until 1880, when she married Edward F. Nelson.  The couple moved to Indianapolis circa 1887.  Subsequently, in 1903 Julia and Edward moved to Muncie, Indiana, where Edward was employed as a pressman for the local newspaper.    (Pressmen operated the printing presses; not to be confused with a reporter.)  Julia served as chairwoman of the Delaware County Republican Women's Club during the 1920 elections.  She was also active in the women's suffrage movement, as well as organizations such as the Order of the Eastern Star and the State Assembly Women's Club.

Following the death of state representative J. Clark McKinley just before the November, 1920 election, Julia D. Nelson was selected as McKinley's replacement to represent Delaware County in the Indiana House.  Julia served one full term (1921-1923).  Her first speech before the General Assembly called for legislation for the care and support of poor parents by their children.  During her first year in office, she introduced five resolutions, of which the most notable were:

  • House Bill 425:  To establish private hearings in criminal cases involving rape and in determination of paternity hearings.
  • House Bill 322:  To establish an Indiana Motion Picture Board to examine, approve, and regulate movies shown in Indiana theaters.
In 1932, following Edward's death, Julia moved back to Indianapolis.  She died on May 27, 1936 and is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery.

Many thanks to the Indiana Commission for Women for information about Julia D. Nelson.