Monday, July 25, 2016

Original Indiana State Flag on Tour

As part of Indiana's bicentennial celebration, the Indiana State Banner that was originally displayed at the Indiana statehouse during the 1920s is currently on display at Mooresville Public Library.  The original flag will be "on tour" across the state throughout the rest of the celebration.

The Indiana State Banner was designed in 1916 by Mooresville's own Paul Hadley; was adopted by the Indiana General Assembly in 1917; and was renamed the Indiana State Flag in 1955.  Click here and here to learn the meaning of its symbols.

Click the photos below to enlarge.  The display is situated with our Paul Hadley watercolor painting collection in the grand hall, next to the elevator and the vending machine area.

This flag is shown below in a famous photograph (circa 1923) of Paul Hadley and one of his art students crafting it specifically for the Indiana statehouse to display.

(Photo and caption courtesy of the Indiana Historical Society)
(click to enlarge)

Learn more about Paul Hadley and the Indiana State Flag by visiting our Famous Mooresvillians and local history web pages (scroll down until you reach the Paul Hadley sections).

Indiana State Banner presentation to
U.S. Postmaster General Harry S. New,
October 11, 1924
(Image courtesy of  the Library of Congress)

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