Monday, May 14, 2012

Butterfly Launch

At the close of Mooresville Public Library's centennial festivities on Saturday, May 12, 2012, patrons released Monarch butterflies from individual cardboard containers in which the insects were in suspended animation.  Each box held one butterfly, and opening it awakened the monarch, which dutifully took flight.  Since butterfly box-laden patrons stood all around the MPL Courtyard, we opted for a wide-angle shot to include the majority, which, unfortunately, made the butterflies rather small in perspective.  If you look carefully at our video clip, you can see the monarchs gaining altitude fast.  Librarian and MPL Director Diane Huerkamp led the crowd in the countdown and release.

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The final edits for the Fred Astaire Dancer videos from MPL's celebration are "in the can," as they say in film studios.  They should be uploaded to this blog by tomorrow or Tuesday of this week.  Check back!  The dancing vids will be fun to watch.

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