Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Goodbye, Old Carnegie Friend

In 1987 Pat Vahey replaced Sharon Beatrice as MPL Director.  This was the year in which the new Library was constructed at 220 West Harrison Street--still the current Library's location--and so it must have been something of a "baptism by fire" for the new director.  But MPL's new home was built as scheduled and was ready for occupancy in January, 1988.

Librarian Pat Vahey, MPL Director

Mike Lundy was the last patron served at MPL Carnegie.  Someone thoughtfully snapped a few photos of the old Library's last day of operation, in January, 1988.  Click images to enlarge.

MPL Carnegie Children's Collection (January, 1988)
Mike Lundy (left) was the last patron served at MPL Carnegie (January, 1988)
Checking out materials for Mr. Lundy was MPL Staffer Sandy Lefler (right)

Steve Saucerman (left) checked out items on MPL Carnegie's last day
(January, 1988), assisted by MPL Director Pat Vahey (middle)
and MPL Staffer Theresa Lucas (right)

Peggy Shirar & an unidentified young boy
checked out items from Staffer Theresa Lucas
on MPL Carnegie's last day of operation
(January, 1988)

"Please take your final selections to the
Circulation Desk & we will be happy to
check-out your items" (January, 1988)
(Last day at MPL Carnegie)

MPL Carnegie's last day (January, 1988)
L to R:  Director Pat Vahey, Asst. Dir. Wanda Potts,
Staffers Mattie Deaton, Theresa Lucas, and Sandy Lefler

When the movers arrived to transfer the Library from its Carnegie quarters to the new facility, a few photos were taken for posterity (that's us).  Let's have a look.  First, let's see what moving day looked like at the MPL Carnegie (January, 1988).

Goodbye, old Carnegie friend.

Three blocks west, and the movers were ready to unload into the new Library building.

Quick!  Unpack those boxes and shelve those books and magazines!

A welcoming library staff is ready to serve you (January, 1988).

Elevation from MPL building blueprints (1987)

All this, from blueprints to reality, in roughly eight months.  Pretty amazing.

So the citizens of Mooresville and Brown Township had a brand new Library, with room for future growth.  How fast that future flew past, and how quickly that space filled, will be our subject next time.

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