Tuesday, May 8, 2012

MPL Pioneers Along the Evergreen Trail (2008)

During the summer of 2008, a handful of Hoosier public libraries and the Indiana State Library formed the Evergreen Indiana (E.I.) consortium, which utilizes an online, open-source integrated library system (ILS) (i.e., online catalog) comprised of all of the libraries' respective collection holdings.  MPL was one of those pioneering libraries, "going live" on the system in October, 2008.  Equinox Software, Inc. developed the Evergreen software for Georgia PINES (a state-wide library consortium), and Evergreen Indiana wished to utilize the same software configured to suit Indiana libraries' needs.  As of April, 2012, there were 100 Hoosier libraries participating in Evergreen Indiana, with additions coming aboard every few months.

Evergreen Indiana cardholders may check-out items from participating libraries across the state.  Patrons simply place holds on any catalog item of choice, and these are shipped from the owning E.I. library to the patron's home library.  For instance, if you wanted to read a book that was available from six E.I. libraries (but not included in MPL's collections), then your E.I. card number would be used to place a hold, and the item would automatically be selected from one of those six holding libraries.  It would then be placed in a transit bag to be delivered to MPL for you to pick-up.  When finished, you simply return the item to MPL, and we ship it back to the library that owns the piece.  What could be simpler?

Evergreen Indiana effectively extends a patron's reach across Indiana, giving Hoosiers access to 6.4 million cataloged items.  I'll repeat that--SIX-POINT-FOUR MILLION items available in the E.I. catalog--all accessible free-of-charge from your favorite local Evergreen Indiana public library.

This is so utterly cool, that MPL made a promo trailer about it.

Click Play Button in Image Above to Start Video

If you have an Evergreen Indiana library card, visit MPL and put it to work for you.  Your informational needs are easier to satisfy when you Go Evergreen.

Everyone wants an E.I. Library Card
(But don't fight over them, please;
we have plenty more available)

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