Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Courtyard, Along Your Pathway to Knowledge

Construction of the MPL Courtyard began in 2009, followed closely by development of the Pathway to Knowledge and Legacy Lane.  We have a video to familiarize you with our jewel in the Library's architectural crown.

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We have assorted photos of the Courtyard and Pathway construction (2009).  Click images to enlarge.

"Just Another Brick in the Wall Courtyard"

"It's MY turn to wear the sock cap."

When completed, the Courtyard/Pathway projects looked like this (photos taken in 2010):

The MPL Courtyard provides a refined programming space for outside library events and activities.  The plants and trees along the Pathway to Knowledge have each been identified  for patrons interested in learning the botanical side to our landscaping.  It makes education fun!  The birdhouses attract a variety of avian species during nesting cycles.

As our promo trailer explained, Legacy Lane is the Library's personalization program, through which patrons may purchase an engraved paver to be placed in the Pathway to Knowledge that surrounds the north and east sides of the building.  The paver may express a memorial to loved ones, living and passed; a business or organization; or other personal tribute.

Sample Paver For MPL Legacy Lane

If you'd like additional information about the engraved pavers for Legacy Lane, please contact the Library by email or call (317) 831-7323.  We even have a convenient form you may complete and return to the MPL Circulation Desk.

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