Friday, May 11, 2012

Our Centennial Conservator of Local History

We have enjoyed presenting the Library's century of public service in this blog.  If you, too, have had fun reading the postings this year, we should thank Wanda Potts, the historian of Mooresville, Indiana who will be 91 years old next month.

Wanda Potts
Mooresville, Indiana Historian
MPL Indiana Room Librarian Emeritus

Long-time readers know that Wanda Potts was the MPL Indiana Room Librarian (and Assistant Director of the Library) from 1966-2002.  Our 100-year history presented in this blog, along with the 188-year history of the Town of Mooresville that we have featured throughout, comes directly from information carefully collated and filed by Wanda and her colleagues.  None of this would have been possible without their tireless dedication to the preservation of our local history.  Wanda is truly the Library's centennial conservator of local history, and nobody better deserves the title of town historian.

We have featured Wanda or her newspaper articles in many blog postings.  In the blog search line (upper left-hand corner of the blog page), type (in quotation marks) "Wanda Potts," and your search results should retrieve many posts about her or her writings.

We hope Wanda is able to attend our centennial celebration tomorrow (Saturday, May 12, 2012) at the Library.  There is cake!  I guess you can see why I'll be there.  Well, I'm actually scheduled to work, but cake is a nice perk.

Wanda Potts (May 12, 2012)

UPDATEWanda visited with us at the Library's 100th anniversary celebration.  She was pleased with the Library's maintenance and development of the Indiana Room collections, as well as with digitization efforts to increase information accessibility via the Internet.

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