Saturday, May 12, 2012

Centennial Library Staff Hard at Work

We have photos of our centennial library staff working hard to prepare for the Library's 100th anniversary celebration, which is happening as we write.  If you are visiting MPL today (and you should, because we have cake later), and you need assistance or have any questions, please feel free to stop any of us in the gold shirts emblazoned with our new 100th anniversary logo.

Here are our MPL staffers getting the job done!  Click images to enlarge.

Virginia Jensen, Head of Circulation
Sharon Hicks, Business Manager and
Librarian Kate Meador, Head of Technical Services
shelving and arranging the Business Collection

Intern Alicia Scully (I.U. Bloomington Library School graduate student)
with MPL Librarians Rachel Montgomery (Teen Services)
and Suzanne Walker (Head of Youth Services)
working with new children's technology

Bob Gilliland, Circulation Teamster
reviewing patron records

Youth Services Cataloger Miriam Bunner &
Early Literacy Specialist Jaymi Edwards

Information Technology Specialist Judy Morehouse reviewing a checklist
with Circulation Teamsters Sonja Hollingsworth & Royetta Ingle

Circulation Teamster Joyce Purkhiser
reshelving CDs in the Music Collection

Adult Programming Coordinator Meghan Adams
at the Patron Self-Check Terminal

Librarian Diane Huerkamp, MPL Director
signs payment vouchers

Volunteer Beth Hensley, Library Craft Designer/Decorator, talking
with Lori Becker, Business Manager Emeritus
(Circulation Teamster Sonja Hollingsworth at the Discharge Station)

Luke Jensen, Adult Services Page,
reshelving books in Adult Nonfiction
 Circulation Teamster Laura James

Circulation Teamster Nancy Cassidy

Circulation Teamster & Webmaster Molly May
Julie Kyle-Lee, Mooresville Academy Museum Curator,
with Library Board member Susan Joyner

Virginia Jensen, Head of Circulation, with
Library Board members Susan Joyner & Steve Oschman

In our next installment, we'll have more photos of centennial work stations throughout the Library.

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