Thursday, May 17, 2012

North Madison 3rd Graders Create Superb Mooresville History Pamphlet

Each May for the past five years, students studying Indiana history at North Madison Elementary School have taken a historical bus and walking tour of Mooresville, Indiana.  It is an interesting route, filled with many intriguing pieces in the town's historical tapestry.  The MPL Indiana Room Historian acts as adventure guide.  This handout summarizes the bus portion of the field trip (along with the history of several houses around the neighborhoods visited), and another handout highlights certain historical buildings in downtown Mooresville.  To see a slideshow of the tour, click here.

The field trip is organized and supervised by North Madison educator Kristian Neal.  Under the direction of Kris, Tracy Gercak, and Susan Haynes, North Madison students have prepared a wonderful local historical brochure for persons interested in Mooresville's nearly two complete centuries of ongoing history.  (The town's bicentennial will arrive in 2024.)  It is a superbly crafted pamphlet that anyone interested in Mooresville history will enjoy.  Congratulations to all the North Madison students and teachers involved in this informative project.

If you prefer paper to a digitized PDF, please visit the MPL Indiana Room.  Copies are available free-of-charge.

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