Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Library's Global Footprint (2010)

MARCH 2018 UPDATE:  Several staff involved in the library's social media initiative have moved on to other libraries (or other jobs) since this article was first published (May 9, 2012):
  • Suzanne Walker, MLS (2007-2012) was Director of Youth Services.
  • Kate Meador, MLS (2010-2013) was Assistant Library Director & Technical Services Manager.
  • Rachel Montgomery, MLS (2012-2013) was Teen Librarian.
  • Meghan Adams (2008-2015) was Adult Programming & Teen Services Coordinator.
  • Jaymi Edwards (2009-2012) was Early Literacy Specialist.
  • Michelle Peltier (2012-2015) was Early Literacy Specialist.
  • Jess Frederick, MLS (2015-2017) was Early Literacy Librarian.
Still with us (working on social media) are:
  • Casey O'Leary, MLS, Director of Programs & Youth Services (2012 to the present).
  • Megan Edwards, Teen Outreach Librarian (2017 to the present).
  • Amanda Farnsworth, Youth Services Librarian (2018 to the present).
  • William R. Buckley, Indiana Room Librarian/Historian (2007-2012) and Director of Adult Information Services (2013 to the present).
  • Cauli Le Chat (2010 to the present), MPL Feline Roving Reporter.

(Article last updated:  March 15, 2018)

Librarian Suzanne Walker, Director of Youth Services (2007-2012), spearheaded the library's social media initiative in 2010, when the library registered various online social media accounts.  Numerous staff (listed above) wrote readers' advisory, historical, humorous, and youth services program blogs from 2010 through 2016.  Due to their time-sensitive content, such as now-past program dates or now-completed events, most of these blogs have either been removed or are no longer active (as of 2017), but several remain online as archives.  Three library blogs remain ongoing (see links below).

Between 2010 to 2015, library staff also used an online document repository called DocStoc (now defunct), as well as Flickr, an online digital image repository, and Tumblr, a social networking website.  The library no longer updates this digital content, using Instagram and Pinterest instead.

As of February, 2017, the library was actively maintaining these social media sites below (with dates of origin in parentheses):
MPL has established a global footprint through its use of social media.  Patrons worldwide followed the library's blogs, watched the library's videos, listened to the library composer's music, looked at the library's program photographs, and downloaded or viewed the library's digitized images, handouts, or slideshows.  They continue to follow MPL on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Slideshare.  This social media presence supplements the library's website, which has existed (in three or four different versions) for a decade and a half.

The library's social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, have, along with the library's blogs, reached three-quarters of a million readers.  In March, 2017, the library's YouTube video viewership surpassed one million, second in the country among public libraries (first is New York Public Library's YouTube channel).  Not bad for a small-town, mid-size public library serving a community of about 15,000.

We invite you to peruse our online social media sites.  We hope you find something interesting and helpful.  There's much information available.  Simply by reading this, you are one of our patrons, to whom we pledge our service.

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